Enhancement vs. Dysfunction

Enhancement and dysfunction are very different even though they are sometime uses interchangeably.   Enhancement generally referes to improving what you have and dysfunction is fixing something that does not work.  An example would be a man with a small penis who wishes his penis was larger.  He is able to get an erection an have intercourse but wishes he had a few more inches.  He would be looking for a enhancement product.  A man who can not get an erection for what ever reason has dysfunction.

Then there is the gray area of men who can not get hard enough or wishes they had more sex drive or the length is not adequate to satisfy their partner.   They are both looking for enhancement and to fix a dysfunction.  Men such as these may not need a doctor prescribed medication or procedure.   These men may find that exercise or improved diet will give them the results they seek.  But family stress, work issues, money worries, depression, difficulty with a relationship, exhaustion, can all lead to temporary erectile dysfunction.   These men are natural candidates for over the counter natural supplements.

Products such as Endurnz, ExtenZe, Libigrow, Zencore, Enzyte may help them.  They all contain plant extracts, vitamins, herbs, minerals and amino acids.  They each have their own special blend of these powerful components.  Many have been used in traditional medicine for 1000s of years.  Some even contain natural ingredients with similar properties to the ingredients in Viagra and other prescription medications.

Many of these have positive effects on the entire body not just the penis.  Zinc, Vitamin B-6, amino acid L-Glutamine all are important for proper function of the body and each have power effects on sexual health.   A healthy sex life and penis starts with a healthy body.

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