Make a women orgasm

Do you know how to give a woman an orgasm during sex – easily?

How to give a women an orgasm Whether you do or not, just imagine how your sex life would be transformed if you were able to make your partner orgasm tonight with the most mind-blowing climax she’s ever had. And how would it change your relationship if you knew how to give her 4, 5 or even 6 long-lasting, throbbing orgasms when you make love? Your sex life would be transformed. Your partner would enjoy complete sexual satisfaction every night of your life. And wouldn’t it feel fantastic if you were the one giving her this orgasmic pleasure? Think how it would feel to give her endless, intense orgasms – climaxes so powerful that she would literally BEG you not to stop! But here’s the truth. If you don’t know how to make a woman orgasm, she’s NOT getting the sexual satisfaction she needs from you, and she’s likely to be a frustrated and possibly even unhappy woman. More to the point, neither of you will be getting the fun and pleasure out of sex that you ought to be.   It’s very easy for a woman to fake an orgasm – after all, she only has to throw her head back, shake a bit and make a few moaning noises, and before you know it, her man is thinking he’s a real stud! But the reality is rather different: in study after study, over 80% of women say they’ve faked an orgasm more than once!

  • Recent research has shown that more than 50% of women have to masturbate to achieve orgasm. In other word – many men don’t know how to make a woman orgasm.
  • Only 15% of women orgasm during sexual intercourse!
  • Approximately 10% of women have never had an orgasm, and 85% of women can’t orgasm during intercourse.   Many women will have sex with their partner, then unsatisfied will turn to their dildo in private for their own satisfaction.
  • Not surprisingly, more than 50% of women say they are “unhappy” or “very unhappy” with their sexual relationship.
  • In a recent survey, only 16% of women claimed they’d experienced multiple orgasms.
  • Recent studies by sex researchers show that as many as half of all married women (reports vary between 45% and 55%) will try an affair, or have sex outside their marriage at one time or another – mostly because they are unsatisfied and unhappy with their sex life!
  • 69% of men can not find a women’s G-Spot

Woman's ClitAnd the general view of women was that men don’t know how to make a woman sexually satisfied in bed.

And of all the women who did have affairs, about one in five said they were doing it because their partner could not make them orgasm, or did not bother to do so. (For a woman, good sex means sex where she can reach orgasm!)

A Woman May Have An Affair If Her Man Doesn’t Know How To Make Her Orgasm During Sex.  Women have affairs because they aren’t having enough orgasms. Yes, it really is that simple!

Just think for a moment how you might feel as a man if you’d never had an orgasm. What would be the point of sex? And then imagine if you didn’t have an orgasm AND you needed to fake one so you didn’t let your partner down. Talk about adding insult to injury. The truth is that all women want to reach orgasm during sex. In short, you need to know how to make a woman come to be a desirable man in the bedroom. And so, because many women daren’t reveal the truth – that they are faking orgasms, that their partners aren’t satisfying them sexually. They fake so that their partner does not feel inadequate  or sometimes just to hurry their partner up so they can fall asleep.  They will eventually just look somewhere else for sexual pleasure and satisfaction.The truth is, the only way you can be sure your partner is going to stay faithful is when you are regularly giving her orgasms and you both enjoy a great sex life. It really is that simple.  If you fail her she will seek out the attention and fulfillment of others. It’s actually very easy for a man to make a woman orgasm.  You will doubt this but it true.  Women release a chemical in their brains when the orgasm that is a bonding hormone.  It works much like child birth.  When you make a women cum and that chemical is release, she bonds with you. Once that happens she will want to have sex over and over. But that bond must be created. When you learn the rules of how women feel and think you’ll be able to make her orgasm whenever you want, whenever she wants – and the result? She will want loads of sex with you, she’ll want to give you as much pleasure as you can take, and she’ll want to have sex with you just as often as you can both handle it!  Because she feel connected with you she will want to pleasure you over and over.

Positions and techniques

And remember we’re talking about the positions and techniques which will enable you to take her to orgasm during sex time after time after time…..she’s going to love you for this, and you’re going to have incredible sex because of it. For example, you might want to try a thrilling multiple-orgasm session out of doors or in front of the fire, followed by several prolonged orgasms in your bathroom, kitchen and bedroom, using toys, food and other stimulating objects – all of which you can find out about today, right now!

If you dont know the rules of how women make love, fall in love and achieve orgasms how can you be sure your female partner is going to be satisfied? Your whole relationship could be in danger, and could she be ready to look for sexual satisfaction elsewhere? Don’t take the chance, learn the techniques and positions to ensure her complete sexual satisfaction – and yours!  And keep her coming back for more.

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