Viagra and dogs

Men have been using Viagra for years. Now vets are prescribing Viagra to dogs but not for erectile dysfunctions. Those famous “little blue pills” that were originally marketed to men could actually help save your dog’s life. A fourteen-year-old dog “Duchess”  is given a treat  laced with a liquid version of beef-flavored Viagra. Duchess was prescribed Viagra for pulmonary hypertension. She would have died had it not been for Viagra. Veterinarian Lorie Hitchcock says she has treated dozens of dogs over the years with pulmonary hypertension. This is high blood pressure in the lungs, and Viagra is the ideal medicine for that condition. Viagra is mostly known as a treatment for men’s erectile dysfunction; however, Viagra actually stabilizes blood pressure as well. Hitchcock says that some pet owners want Viagra for themselves when they find out about the broader benefits. While many men take Viagra to improve their sex lives, for dogs like Duchess it is simply a medicine that keeps them alive.

Then there is Talisker, a three-year-old border collie, who developed heart problems after suffering a lung infection. The dog would lose consciousness when he got excited because his blood could not pump fast enough, the Sun reported. Vets warned Talisker would die from the condition but suggested his owner give the dog Viagra, as the sex pill improves blood flow to the heart.

There is a website for this:  It is not clear if its a joke or a real website.  It will give you a laugh.

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